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Pledging Sucks

More than anything, defining pledging isn’t an easy task. Mostly because each person has their own perceptions of what pledgeship is and what it entails. The housemoms of the world envision pledgeship as an American hazard: bullying, hazing, drinking, drugs, etc. Damn these women are good– but who says all of this is a bad thing?
Pledging is essentially a time period when a new member is learning, dedicating, and proving loyalty to a specific organization. The word is essentially derived from the idea that when you wish to join a group you would “pledge” your loyalty and dedication. Ha. Right. Well for all of us whose head isn’t shoved too far up each-other’s ass, we know better. Pledging is so much more.

  • CLIENT Pledging Sucks
  • YEAR 2013
  • WE DID Design, Mockup ,Logo, Responsive Design
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